Bryan Adams- Summer of 69 Easy Chords

Presenting Easy guitar chords of Summer of 69 By Bryan Adams, Learn to play the chords of most popular song Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams on guitar or ukulele.

Track Info

Song: Summer of ’69
Artist: Bryan Adams
Produced by: Bryan Adams & Bob Clearmountain
Written By: Bryan Adams & Jim Vallance
Album: Reckless
Release Date: June 17, 1985

Summer of 69 Scale/Key: D
Summer of 69 Chords: D, A, Bm, G, F
Suggested Strumming: D D D D


[D] I got my first real six string
[A] Bought it at the five and dime
[D] Played it til my fingers bled
[A] Was the summer of ’69


[D] Me and some guys from school
[A] Had a band and we tried real hard
[D] Jimmy quit and Jody got married
[A] I shoulda known we’d never get far


[Bm] Oh, when I [A]look back now
[D] That summer seemed to [G]last forever
[Bm ]And if I [A]had the choice
[D] Ya, I’d always [G}wanna be there
[Bm] Those were the [A]best days of
my [D]life


[D] [A]


[D] Ain’t no use in complainin’
[A] When you got a job to do
[D] Spent my evenin’s down at the drive-in
[A] And that’s when I met you, ya


[Bm] Standin’ on your [A]mama’s porch
[D] You told me that you’d [G]wait forever
[Bm]Oh, and when you [A]held my hand
[D] I knew that it was [G]now or never
[Bm] Those were the [A]best days of
my [D]life
[D] Oh Yea[A]h!
Back in the summer of [D]’69



[F] Man, we were [Bb]killin’ time
We were [C]young and restless
We [Bb]needed to unwind
[F] I guess [Bb]nothin’ can last fo[C]rever
Forever, no Yeah!


[D] [A]
[D] [A]


[D] And now the times are changin’
[A] Look at everything that’s come and gone
[D] Sometimes when I play that old
six string
[A] I think about ya ‘n wonder what went wrong

[Chorus ]

[Bm] Standin’ on your [A]mama’s porch
[D] You told me it would [G]last forever
[Bm] Oh, the way you [A]held my hand
[D] I knew that it was [G]now or never
[Bm] Those were the [A]best days of
my [D]life


[D] Oh yea[A]h
Back in the summer of [D]’69 uh [A]huh


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