Tere Ho Ke Rahenge Chords with Capo | Raja Natwarlal

Song Title: Tere Hoke Rahenge
Movie/Film: Raja Natwarlal
Singer/Artist: Arijit Singh
Music Composition: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Music Label: Junglee Music
Lyrics by Irshad Kamil
Language: Hindi (Bollywood)

Capo Position: 1st Fret
Chords Used: Am, F, C, Em, G, D, Bm

Intro Music:
(Am) (F) (C) (Em) (Am) (F) (G)

Kal the mi(Am)le (F) (Em)
(Em)Fir kyu lage (Am)aise (F) (G)
(G)Tum se mi(Dm)le.. (Em)arsa hua (Am)jaise (F)
(G)Abb tu ba(C)ta (F) (G) jo ho pa(Am)ta (F)
(G)Tere bi(Am)na lamha-lamha jeeynge kaise?

(Am)Teri baan(C)ho ka (Am)ghera
(Am)Bada meh(G)fooz la(Am)ge hai
(Am)Badi bekhauf jagah hai yeh.. oo (G)oo..

(Am)Inme he rehna chaahein, teri panahein
Jab tak hai jeena chaahen(E)ge,
(Am)oo (F)oho… Tere (G)hoke (Am)rahengey
(Am)oho (F)oo… Dil (G)zidd pe a(Am)daa hai
(Am)oo (F)oho… Tere (G)hoke rahengey,
(Am)oho (F)oo…Tera (G)shauk chada hai,

(Am)oo(F).. oo (G)oo
(Am)oo(F).. oo (Em)o
(Am)oo(F).. oo (Em)o
(Am)oo(F).. oo (C)oho

(Am) (F) (G) (Em)
(Am) (F) (G) (Em) (Am)

(Am)Ankhon me sapno ko rakhle mere
(Am)Inko na jag todd (D)de
(Am)Fir meri kismat ko jese ho dil
(Am)Vesa he tu modd (D)de
(E)Tu he to hai hausa(Am)la
(Am)Chahat ka tu hai si(Em)lla
(F)Jeete jee na (C)jee sake
Ka(Bm)hi abb jo tu na mi(Em)la..

(Am)oo (F)oho… Tere (G)hokey (Am)rahengey,
(Am)oho (F)oo… Dil (G)zid pe ad(Am)aa hai,
(Am)oo (F)oho… Tere (G)hoke rahengey,
(Am)oho (F)oo… Tera (G)shauk chadha hai,

(Am)oo(F).. oo (G)oo
(Am)oo(F).. oo (Em)o
(Am)oo(F).. oo (Em)o
(Am)oo(F).. oo (C)oho


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