Review: Pocket Guitar, A Next Gen Instrument?

As a musician, I always wonder how far technology can go? and what changes it can bring for musicians? I have seen the world changing from traditional acoustic guitars to “High-Tech Electric Guitars”, but revolution doesn’t seem to stop there, everyday we found something new and something better than what we had yesterday.  I have been playing guitar since 2014 and I always try my hands on new instruments, I recently come across the new thing called “pocket Guitar from Aeroband” I was really amazed by the features, but before I gave my review lets quickly understand what this little Champ (pocket Guitar) can do, and what actually it is.

What is Pocket Guitar and How it works?

It is an instrument you play in the air using an app on your phone or tablet. If you have something like Chromecast, you could display it on your TV. it used Bluetooth connectivity to connect with your android or ios device. The Pocket Guitar is similar to the shape of the ordinary guitar pick. However, what attracts me a lot is the outlook with unique design, impressing me with a future sense of technology. in simple terms As guitarists are known, the guitar pick is simply a device that reproduces the performance of a guitar, so we can play the PocketGuitar as an air guitar, a general but “BLUETOOTH GUITAR, that is really cool isn’t it?

Every time I complete the movement of strumming, there will be a corresponding rhythm played out from the connected device ( i have connected my android phone to the speaker with an audio jack, and the pocket guitar was connected through Bluetooth).

For this, I had a look at the Users’ manual and realized that the way of playing out a rhythm for Pocket Guitar, is to accurately identify my strumming movements through the gyroscope motion sensing technology. The idea of design is genuine and detects the motion of your hand and plays the sounds of strings, and it’s freaking accurate, These are a lot of fun to use and play with and it works very well. There is a little learning curve to getting good at hitting the right strokes for strumming, but with a couple of minutes of practice, you will figure it out.

It also vibrates on each stroke, This pocketguitar vibrates differently for each performing and varies its intensity based on how hard you are playing. The harder or softer you play, the pocketguitar responds with a corresponding vibration. You can hear the beat and feel the beat. and Aeroband deserve a plus point for this.

What is in the box?
  • PocketGuitar body.
  • One charging cable (Micro USB).
  • one carrying pouch.
  • Silicon cover with clip.
  • User’s Manual
What are the Features of PocketGuitar?
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology which makes it super fast, no latency
  • You can play it with headphones so You won’t disturb others.
  • Vibrating motors in each still emulate the sensation of hitting guitar strings
  • it’s lightweight less than 10 Grams
Sounds of the PocketGuitar?
  • it allows you to play chords, you can strum and it has some pre-made rhythms of plucking and strumming which you can play with your desired chords, The audio output is really good and it doesn’t sound recorded, it has good texture and depth in sound. It will be really great if we can adjust the echo and reverb, but unfortunately, this feature is not available yet. it has very low latency you will hardly find the delay. with Bluetooth 5.0 and above it works like charm.

If you are interested in buying this? Do check out their website.
Pocket Guitar From AeroBand


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