PocketGuitar from Aeroband

PocketGuitar is a new type of instrument that is based on guitar music and can imitate the sound
of various instruments. Its appearance is similar to ordinary guitar picks, which can accurately
identify the amplitude and frequency of hand shake. Then the only thing is to connect to the
corresponding device through Bluetooth, and play the melody played by the simulated guitar,
bass, ukulele and other instruments.

Next is the contents of the PocketGuitar, including PocketGuitar body, One charging cable (Micro USB), one carrying pouch, Silicon cover with clip, and User’s Manual of course. The body is shaped like a thick guitar pick which is very light and only weighs 8g, a level that almost does not feel heavy. We can hold it just like holding the real thing. The charging port is at the top, and the terminal is also MicroUSB. Of course, the attached silicon case is perfect too. Since it has a clip on the back, it can be fixed by sandwiching it with shoelaces etc. when using it as a drum foot pedal.


The appearance is a black base, with a matte finish and feels like silicon, and has a gripping texture so that it does not slip off the hand. There is a hole for a strap on the back end, and a Micro USB terminal for charging. The Micro USB port has a lid, so open it by hand like this when charging. A glowing LED light is attached to the tip of the stick. LED lights have different emission colors for each stick. The right stick glows blue. The left stick glows orange. There is a power button in the middle of the stick. Power supply, control, and power supply. Power button functions: Press once (when not connected): Pair with smartphone or tablet (app). Press once (when connected): Adjust stick position. Long press (3 seconds): Power off.


The air paddles are similar in appearance to ordinary guitar paddles. Its function is to accurately
identify the amplitude and frequency of hand jitters through gyroscope motion sensing technology. When the hand makes a movement similar to plucking the strings of a musical instrument, it gives out the melody played by the guitar and other instruments. The melody will be connected to the corresponding device via Bluetooth.
This technology is achieved though a specific Inertial AI chip and a unique space calculating algorithm. These core technologies make PocketGuitar be able to capture your movement in 3- dimensional space.


Areoband app needs to be shown on the first stage.
Smart hardware needs to be equipped with supporting App for operation. Taking the air guitar as an example, in the App, users can choose three different operation modes to experience, namely free mode, tutorial mode and game mode. The collaboration between the App and the product realizes the user’s dream of quickly starting to play musical instruments and enhances the fun of the user experience at the same time.
Aeroband app is equipped with three mode, tutorial mode, game mode as well as free mode. A tutorial mode allows you to learn the basics of playing. In a game mode, you can enjoy playing like a sound game, and a free mode allows you freely play the guitar.
In the game mode, songs such as rock, pop and jazz were recorded, and you are also able to get Japanese songs, Korean songs and Chinese songs.They are also expanding their library and in near future we will be able to find international songs as well. There are Easy, Middle, and Hard difficulty levels, so a wide range of people from beginners to advanced players will enjoy it.
Free mode also has a metronome and a recording/playback function, so it seems to be good for practicing while playing your favorite music. For a guitar player, the chord mode is set for you. Several steps to launch your guitar playing:
Step one: download the Aeroband app from the store. When you launch the app, the pairing screen will open. When you press the button of each of the foot sensor and drum stick, an icon will appear immediately, so at this moment, you just need tap it to complete pairing.
Step two: then you will enter the main interface of the App, you can choose to play drum kit or guitar on the main interface.
Step three: first, from the guitar, the most basic is “free mode”. You can play like a guitar by holding down the chord and shaking the pick. Every time you shake the pick, not only will you hear a sound from your smartphone, but there is also vibration feedback with the vibration function inside the pick. Also, in the performance mode, after selecting some songs, you can play along with the song. The way you play the chords is different, but you can easily enjoy the atmosphere of playing on a guitar. Also, as you progress, it will be a full-fledged performance, so the feeling of accomplishment is also fun.

As guitarists known, the guitar pick is simply a device that reproduces the performance of a guitar, so we can play the PocketGuitar as an air guitar, a general but Bluetooth connected guitar. PocketGuitar takes air guitar to the next level! A Bluetooth-enabled guitar pick allows you to play and invisible guitar while connected to the AeroBand app. Strum or pick using PocketGuitar with your phone as your fretboard.

However, this is not the end. Actually, with PocketGuitar, namely foot sensor, it is possible to reproduce the foot pedal operation. The bass drum and hi-hat cymbal are operated with the foot sensors. How to operate this? we can attach separately feet sensors to our feet and reproduce the operation of the foot pedal. PocketGuitar can be used as foot sensors that control the kick/bass drum in PocketDrum! You can upgrade your PocketDrum to full pro version by purchasing PocketGuitar!
In short, once we wear it on our foot when connecting PocketGuitar with AeroBand, the right is recognized as a bass drum, and the left is recognized as a hi-hat cymbal.

Who will Pocketguitar be a good fit for?

Aeroband company’s vision is that everyone can play music here. The diversity and inclusiveness of players allow to build a strong emotional connection with Pocetguitar.

• Children:

You may be parents. It is a unique gift for your children in any special days, birthday, Children’s Day and so on.
You might grab your head every time when the special day comes over. Pocketguitar here is saving you. The cool and sci-fi outlook of Pocketguitar can bring your children a sense of universe exploration, thus stimulating their desire to learn and cultivating their imagination. In addition, the mini music instrument——Pocketguitar is an interesting topic among their peers. The engagement of playing such a fantastic instrument helps to build friendship as well as peer attachment.

You might consider a low-cost incentive for your children to learn guitar. For a traditional guitar, the cost of entering a guitar teaching classroom and getting a decent guitar instrument is definitely much higher than that of Pocketguitar, and may even over the budget of an ordinary family. However, this cannot get in the way of discovering children’s musical talent. Poketguitar allows every child with all economic level to get an access to musical instruments.

Street performers

You may be a street performer who loves playing guitar in a casual way. Pocketguitar, this mini guy can be a close friend for street performer who may walk all over the streets or even travel all over the world. Such a great portable device let you go anywhere! Additionally, under this highly developed era, there’s no doubt that high-tech products help to attract passengers’ eyes and get more audiences. A fantastic stage is set for you naturally.

Disabled groups

You may be a patient or disabled person. How to enjoy playing guitar in this case?
A pair of mini sister guitar enables you to reduce big movement while enjoying the fun of playing. Your doctors may tell you not to touch any physical things to avoid getting hurt again, let alone playing guitar, such a big thing! But the truth is you can play the baby guitar without any worries. After all, it’s just a baby, and there’s no aggressiveness.
Look at this special time of the pandemic, most of people have no access to outdoor activities, let alone playing guitar outside. The need for gadgets to enjoy at home is increasing due to the refraining from going out these days. This product fits exactly such needs. It’s easy to get started and do it in a limited space, in your room, in your office, anywhere you want! After finishing playing, just put it in your pocket. Furthermore, if you put on earphones or headphones, you won’t hear any sound outside. While it’s easy to get started, the more you do it, the better it will be, and you’ll be able to enjoy a surprisingly authentic performance. It is also useful as a sound game that you can easily enjoy. You may be someone who feel the enjoyment of playing with this product and then start playing guitar in earnest.

•  Everyone

Everyone can play music everywhere.
The life we love cannot live without music.
Aeroband  is a band that can be carried around

Whoever you are, a professional guitarist, a guitar lover or a guitar teacher ect., what a pretty gift for all of you guys!


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