Mere Naam Tu Guitar Chords & Strumming Pattern | Zero Movie |

Presenting Guitar Chords & Strumming Pattern Of Mere Naam Tu
Beautifully sung by Abhay Jodhapurkar and Composed by Ajay-Atul For Shahrukh Khan’s Upcoming Most awaited Movie Zero.

Song: Mere Naam Tu
Singer: Abhay Jodhapurkar
Music: Ajay-Atul
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Music Label: T-Series

Scale : C#m/Db 
Time Signature: 3/4
Tempo : 115

Suggested Strumming Pattern:– D – DU – DU

C#m Ab E F# C#m Ab E C#m

Wo rang bhi kyaa rang hai
      B        A       E
Milta najo tere honth ke
     F#m     C#m 
Rang se hubahoo..

Wo khusbu kya khusbu
       B      A
Thehre naa jo teri
      E     F#m   C#m
Sanwali zulf ke rubaruu

     B                    E
Tere aage yeh duniya hain feekisi
     B        E
Mere bin tuna hogi kisi ki bhi
       B                F#
Ab yeh zaahir sar-e-aam hai
       C#m  Ab
Aelaan hai…

C#m                 Ab
Jab tak jahaan mei subha-shaam hai
E                 F#
Tab tak mere naam tuuu
C#m                      Ab
Jab tak jahaan mein mera naam hain
E                    C#m
Tab tak mere naam tu (x2)

C#m Ab E F#

(Chords are same For next stanza)

In case you find any mistake in chords or lyrics please comment below.
Thank you.

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