Presenting Easy Guitar Chords and strumming pattern of Love Song sung by Taylor Swift, If you’re a Taylor Swift fan searching for the chords to “Lover,” you’ve come to the right place. This song is one of her most popular requests. The good news is that it’s easy to play and only requires 7 basic chords.

I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to play “Lover” on your guitar, including chord diagrams and strumming patterns. Let’s get started!”

learn to play Run on guitar with easy chords and strumming. You can also use this chords to play piano, ukulele and other musical instruments.

Track Info:
Song: Lover
Singer: Taylor Swift
Lyrics: Tayler Swift
Album: Lover
Released Year: August 23, 2019

Lover Easy Guitar and Ukulele Chords
Guitar Chords Ukulele Chords
G – 320003 G – 0232
D – XX0232 D – X232
C – X32010 C – 0003
Em – 022000 Em – 0402
G – 220003 G – XXX3
F – X33210 F – X33210
Am – X02210 Am – 3211

[G] [D] [C] [C] [G] [Em] [C] [C]

[G] We can leave the [D]Christmas light up till [C] January
[G] And this is our [D] place, we made the [C] rules
And there’s a [G] dazzling haze
A [D] mysterious way [C] about you, dear
[G] Have I known you twenty [D] seconds or twenty [C] years?

Can [G] I go [D] where you [C] go?
Can we [G] always [D]be this [C]close forever and ever
And [G] ah Take me [D]out and take me [C] home
You’re [G] my, [G/F#]my, [Em]my, [D]my, [C] lover

[G] We could let our [D] friends crash [C] in the living room
[G] This is our [D] place, we made the [C] call
And I’m [G] highly suspicious that [D] everyone who sees you [C] wants you
I’ve [G] loved you three summers now, [D] honey,
But I [C] want them all

Can [G] I go [D] where you [C] go?
Can we [G] always [D]be this [C]close forever and ever
And [G] ah Take me [D]out and take me [C] home
You’re [G] my, [G/F#]my, [Em]my, [D]my, [C] lover

[G]Ladies and gentlemen,
[D] Will you please stand?
[Em] With every guitar string [F] scar on my hand
[C] I take this magnetic [G] force of a man to be [Am] my [D] lover
[G]My heart’s been borrowed and [D] yours has been blue
[Em] All’s well that ends well to [F] end up with you
[C] Swear to be [G] overdramatic and true to [Am] my [D] lover
And [G] you’ll save all your [F] dirtiest jokes [C] for me
And at every [Am] table, I’ll save you a [D] seat, lover

Can [G] I go [D] where you [C] go?
Can we [G] always [D] be this [C] close forever and ever
And [G] ah Take me [D] out and take me [C] home
You’re [G] my, [G/F#] my, [Em] my, [D] my, [C]
Oh, you’re [G] my, [G/F#] my, [Em] my, [D] my [C]
Darling you’re [G]my, [G/F#]my, [Em]my, [D]my, [C] lover


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