Kabir Singh – Kaise Hua Guitar Chords | Vishal Mishra

Presenting Easy guitar chords and strumming pattern of Kaise Hua Beautifully sung by vishal Mishra from the movie Kabir Singh, Learn to play this latest Bollywood on guitar or ukelele with Easy chords and strumming at easyguitarsong.com

Kaise Hua Guitar Chords

The song is in D major scale. To play this song we need five chords as D major, B minor, F# minor, G major A major, and E minor. 

  • Scale:D
  • Chords: D, Bm, F#m, G, A, Em
  • Suggested Strumming: D DUDU D DUDU
    in beginning: DD DD 

Track Info

  • Song: Kaise Hua
  • Film: Kabir Singh (2019)
  • Singers: Vishal Mishra
  • Lyricist: Manoj Muntashir
  • Music: Vishal Mishra
  • Label: T-Series



Hasta rehta hoon
Tujhse milkar kyun [F#m]aajkal,
[Bm]Badle badle hain
Mere tewar kyun [F#m]aajkal,
Aankhein me[G]ri [A]har ja[D]gah
Dhoonde tu[G]jhe [A]bewa[D]jah,
Ya main hoon [G]ya koyi aur [Em]hai
Meri ta[A]rah.

[D]Kaise huwa [F#m]kaise huwa
Tu [G]itna zaroori [A]kaise huwa,


[D]Kaise huwa [F#m]kaise huwa
Tu [G]itna zaroori [A]kaise huwa,


[D]          [F#m][D]Main baarish ki boli
Samajhta nahin tha,
[F#m]Hawaon se main
yun ulajhta nahin tha,
Hai [G]seene mein dil bhi
Kahan thi [A]mujhe ye kha[D]bar,
[Bm]Kahin pe ho raatein,
Kahin pe sawere,
Ye [F#m]aawargi hi rahi saath mere,
The[G]har ja, thehar ja
Ye kehti hai [A]teri na[D]zar, [F#m]

Kya [Bm]haal ho [Em]gaya hai ye me[A]ra,
Ankhein me[G]ri [A]har ja[D]gah
Dhoondein tu[G]jhe [A]bewa[D]jah

Ye main hoon [G]ya koyi aur [Em]hai,
Meri ta[A]rah…
[D]Kaise hua [F#m]kaise hua
Tu [G]itna zaruri [A]kaise hua

[D]Kaise hua [F#m]kaise hua
Tu [G]itna zaruri [A]kaise hua


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