Presenting Easy Guitar Chords and strumming Pattern of Song Bewakoofiyan By Raghu Dixit Feauting Ayushman Khuran.

Singer: Raghu Dixit

Music: Raghu Dixit

Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Gupta

Language: Hindi

Label: Yashraj Music

Time Signature: 4/4

Scale: E Major

Chords: E, F#m, A, B, G#m

I would love to suggest you a specific strumming pattern but there really isn’t any one that would fit the whole song. Most of it can be played with just continuous DOWN strokes. I encourage you to improvise and add more strokes wherever you feel like. Play your own version!

Here’s the song:

(E) / (F#) / (A) / (B) [just root notes]
(E5) / (F#5) / (A5) / (B5) [played every beat]
(E5) / (F#5) / (A5) / (B5) [background music starts]

(E)Dil ko samjha bujha ke
(F#m)Khud ko ullu banake
(A)Ullu seedha karta rehta (B)hai
(E)Jo woh toota nahi hai
(F#m)Khud se rootha nahi hai
(A)Phir kyun aise tubta rehta (B)hai

(A)Nakli dilaase, (G#m)farzi khulase
(F#m)Ghalati pe parde ye daa(E)le
(A)De kar ye jhaanse, (G#m)Khud ko hi phaanse
(F#m)Nuksaan mein dhoonde munaa(B)fe… [stop strumming]

[ Bewakoofi(A)yaan…
(F#m)Bematlab (B)betuki si
(F#m)Bekaar si, (B)buddhu si
(F#m)Bewajah Bewakoofi(E)yaan.. ] x2

(E) / (F#) / (A) / (B)

[Verse 1]
(E)Paara utra nahi hai
(F#m)Bilkul sudhra nahi hai
(A)Munh ke bal ye girta rehta (B)hai
(E)Ab bhi bigda nahi hai
(F#m)Sab kuch bikhra nahi hai
(A)Munh latka kyun phirta rehta (B)hai..

(A)Kitne dinon se (E)auron ko kose
(F#m)Kaisi ye zidd pe ad ga(E)ya..
(A)Koi toh toke, (E)kam se kam roke
(F#m)Kab tak khud ko dega ye dho(B)ke… [stop strumming]

(F#m)Bematlab (B)betuki si
(F#m)Bekaar si, (B)buddhu si
(F#m)Bewajah Bewakoofi(E)yaan.. ] x2

[Verse 2]
(Don’t strum, only hit the chords…)
(E)Aye nadaan re, (F#m)asaan hai re
(B)Inn hisso ko toh jod(E)na
(E)Kyun pareshaan hai
(F#m)Namushkil hai, (B)maafi ke bol bol(E)na

[Start strumming…]
(F#m)Aisi jhooti-muthi (G#m)kyun tadi hai maare
(A)Kya milega tu ba(B)ta
(F#m)Ab kya hisaab khole
(G#m)Tu kya aano pe tole
(A)Kya khoya hai kya haa(B)ra… [stop strumming]

(F#m)Bematlab (B)betuki si
(F#m)Bekaar si, (B)buddhu si
(F#m)Bewajah Bewakoofi(E)yaan.. ] x2


In Case you find any mistake please comment below


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