Presenting Easy Guitar Chords & Strumming Pattern of Asal Mein sung by Darshan Raval, play Asal Mein Chords and strumming patterns by Darshan Raval.
Song: Asal Mein
Singer: Darshan Raval
Music: Darshan Raval
Lyrics: Gurpreet Saini & Gautam G Sharma
Language: Hindi
Time Signature: 4/4
Capo : 1st Fred

Chords: D, C, Em, Bm, Am


C G D Em
C D Em Bm

C                    G
Kyun khuda ne di lakeerein
Em                 Bm
Jismein zaahir naam nahi tera
C                     G
Likh raha hoon dard saare
Em                  Bm                 C  D
Yoon to shayar naam nahi mera
     C                            G
Itna bhi kya bewafa koyi hota hai
Am          C
Yeh soch kar raat bhar
Dil yeh rota hai

Asal mein tum nahi ho mere
Tum nahi ho mere
C                          D
Tum nahi ho mere, nahi ho mere
Tum nahi ho mere
Tum nahi ho mere
C                  D                      Em
Tum nahi ho mere, nahi ho mere

C          D
Aasmaan se kya khata huyi
Taara uska toota kyun
Am              C
Log mujhse puchhte hai
Bm            D
Sath apna chhoota kyun

Em                  D
Kya majbooriyan kaisi yeh dooriyan
Dil yeh samjhe na
Em                        D
Hote hain pyar mein aise bhi imtehan
Maine ab jaana

Khwaab hi bas reh gaye hain
Em                   Bm          D
Jinmein ho tum humsafar mere

Asal mein tum nahi ho mere
Tum nahi ho mere
Tum nhi ho mere, nhi ho mere
Tum nahi ho mere
Tum nahi ho mere
C                        D
Tum nahi ho mere, nahi ho mere

Em                            D
Mande nai bandishan ae pyar nahio jhukde
C                           D
Raah teri takkde ae nain nahio rukde
Em                         Bm
Hisse hain aaiyan ve udeekan tere yaar chon
C                             D
Kivein lutawan mere hanju nahio lukde

Em                          D
Hove khair sajjna ve paave paer sajjna ve
C                      D
Kade sannu vi nehde turr aa
Haaye ve hovein khair sajna ve
Paave paer sajjna ve bas
Hunn dena dil ton dua

G                    Em
Kaash tum phir laut aao
Mit jaaye saare gham yeh jo mere

Asal mein tum nahi ho mere
Tum nahi ho mere
C                  D
Tum nahi ho mere, nahi ho mere
Tum nahi ho mere
Tum nahi ho mere
C                 D
Tum nahi ho mere, nahi ho mere

In Case if you find any mistake in above chords please comment below.

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